Guesthouse Frieden and the Villa des Anges

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Of Maison Shalom’s income-generating projects, its hotel and catering activities are particularly important, and also provide job opportunities. The Guesthouse Frieden (Peace) employs 21 young people who are thus able to discover and acquire experience of hotel and catering work.

At the end of each year, the overall financial statement is scrutinized by the Maison Shalom Board of Directors, which uses the results to decide what funds to allocate with a view to making the Guesthouse more profitable. Recently, the decision was made to expand it, and six more rooms are being constructed.

The "Villa des Anges" also offers housing and has various other buildings. Rooms are made available above all to visitors to Maison Shalom, but are also open to the public.

Guesthouse Frieden

Contact and reservations:  Tel. +257 77 735 610

8 rooms at 15,000 BIF per night (lavatory inside the room)
3 rooms at 10,000 BIF per night (shared indoor lavatory)

Breakfast not included (on-site restaurant)

Villa des Anges
with Internet connection 

Contact and reservations: Tel. +257 77 734 448

Villa Suisse (3 rooms, 1 toilet, 1 bathroom with toilet)

Entire house: 35,000 BIF per night
2 rooms at 15,000 BIF per night
1 room at 7,000 BIF per night (smaller than the others)

Villa des Anges (main building)
2  rooms at 25,000 BIF per night (large room with own lavatory)
2  rooms at 20,000 BIF per night (large room, shared indoor lavatory)
1  room at 15,000 BIF per night (small room with own lavatory)

Villa d’Espoir (new: Villa des Anges extension)
6 rooms at 25,000 BIF per night (hot water, TV, tiled floor, lavatory in the room)