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For every child in Burundi to live in a healthy family and community environment.

By promoting the rights of the child, education for peace, and integrated and sustainable development, we foster the consolidation of lasting peace in Burundi.

In particular, Maison Shalom strives to give every child, from the moment it is conceived, an identity and dignity, protecting the child and its mother, in order to reduce the number of orphans and needy children.

Our vision for the coming years is that:

  • Burundian society as a whole will take responsibility for schooling its children and giving them a healthy life by promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • A country-wide cooperative movement will emerge that will lead to sustainable economic development, even for the poorest sectors of society
  • Mutual health plans will be established that make access to adequate health care possible for all
  • In partnership with other organizations, Maison Shalom will be able to provide full screening opportunities and proper care for people living with HIV/AIDS in Burundi

How to we plan to make this vision a reality?

Our primary mission is to protect and promote the rights of the child:

  • by improving living conditions in the community and promoting reconciliation and cohabitation through peaceful, integrated and sustainable development, a cooperative movement and job creation
  • by identifying, tracing, reintegrating and monitoring orphans and other underprivileged children
  • by affording appropriate, accessible care to the sick, especially people living with HIV/AIDS
  • by considerably reducing mother and child mortality at birth through advocacy, education and preventive medicine
  • by ensuring that orphans and other vulnerable children can go to school
  • by building stronger platforms for dialogue and action in Burundi, the Great Lakes region and beyond, in order to safeguard the rights of the child