Centre for Maternal and Child Health

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Objective: acting in the vanguard

The Centre for Maternal and Child Health carries out health promotion and preventive activities allowing it to act in the vanguard of REMA Hospital, of which it is an annex. It aims in particular to:

  • Reduce maternal and infant mortality by preventing the main causes of disease
  • Strengthen family capacities to care for themselves through information, education and social mobilization; the families have to know their rights to nutrition and health, so as to be able to take care of themselves and their children and to ask for and use, as required, the available services
  • Provide appropriate support for AIDS patients
  • Establish a centre for prevention and for the promotion of good care practices, with services to monitor immunizations and nutrition; teach parents the basics of primary care in the home; assess children’s diets and provide advice to solve nutritional problems; lastly, explain to parents in what situations they should come to the health centre
  • Serve as a reference and advisory centre on health in the broad sense (counselling on nutrition, hygiene, psychological assistance)


Improve the capacities of families and communities to dispense appropriate care through training sessions

Most of the diseases appearing on the health map of Burundi are preventable. It is a proven fact that up to 40 per cent of children’s deaths could be prevented by improving the care dispensed within the family. This could be done, for example, by heightening the knowledge and know-how of families and communities. Our objective is to have the families and communities participate in all the stages of a child’s survival, growth and development.

Providing a complex range of activities next to REMA Hospital

The Centre for Maternal and Child Health is located right next to REMA Hospital, enabling it to offer a range of health promotion and preventive activities to supplement the curative care provided by the hospital. The two facilities are complementary and furnish a holistic response to community needs.