Rehabilitation centre of the minors in conflict with the law of Ruyigi: Beginning of building activities

May 05th, 2014, at Ruyigi, took place the official launch of the construction of the rehabilitation centre of the minors in conflict with the law thanks to the co-financing of Maison Shalom and Unicef by Minister of Justice.  The various personalities who represented the partner institutions underlined the importance of this semi-open centre, which will serve as vocational training centre for the children of the region. The Minister deeply thanked Unicef and Maison Shalom of their implication for the existence of this centre and even that of Rumonge. Madam Barankitse Marguerite took advantage of this opportunity to plead in favour of the imprisoned minors whose cases are forgotten and asked that this centre be punishment of last appeal. She also asked that the organizations of human and children rights protection as well as the ministry of the solidarity put a lot much more into the prevention, by an emotional and actual accompaniment of the minors in situation of vulnerability.  This centre will be built on a ground of 4 hectares given by Maison Shalom-Burundi; it will include a block of dormitories, one dining hall, a block of toilets, of classes, a ground of the games and an administrative block. The building activities are planned for five months.