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Refugees working with the host community

A 3 ha plot of land for agriculture was inaugurated by Mrs Barankitse Marguerite, founder of Maison Shalom. The main objective of the land is to help small producers become key… Lire la suite

30 Burundian refugees graduated

On 16 January 2019, 30 Burundian young refugees completed successfully their courses at the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali and now hold a bachelor's degree. Among… Lire la suite

Christmas celebration for refugee children

Christmas is the time for family and friends to come together and celebrate love.

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Felicien’s testimony : young Burundian refugee who succeeded with more than 90% in Economics /Accounting

I’m the 3rd born in a family of 10 children; we lost our mom when I was 14. Lire la suite

Holidays for kindergarten

For the 2019 school year, 106 urban refugee children aged 3 to 5 in Kigali, from Muhanga, Huye and Nyamata districts are admitted to nursery schools in their community where they can eat well,… Lire la suite

26th Anniversary : Ending the Jubilee Year

The 24th of October, 1993 in Ruyigi province (East of Burundi), after surviving and recovering 25 children from the massacres, Maggy desperately sought an inn for these… Lire la suite

The founder of Maison Shalom, Marguerite Barankitse, exiled since 2015, was received by Pope Francis.

Maison Shalom Founder, Marguerite Barankitse, a Burundian humanitarian in exile since 2015, was received in audience by Pope Francis.

As part of a mission with the co-founders of Aurora… Lire la suite

25 years of Maison Shalom

Since October 2018, after a jubilee year, Maison Shahom's closing ceremonies celebrating it’s quarter century anniversary were held at Oasis of Peace Community Center in Kigali, Rwanda.… Lire la suite

From young Refugees to « Grand Chef »

Since 2016, young Burundian refugees, especially those from Mahama camp in Rwanda, have benefited from various education and training… Lire la suite

Thank you, we are who we are because of Maison Shalom

"I can't forget when I fled, i had lost hope and afraid for my future. 

Maison Shalom rebuilt my hope by paying me vocational training, I studied Welding and Electricity which have rebuilt… Lire la suite

Environmental protection at Mahama refugee camp

To improve the well-being of the refugees at Camp Mahama as well as its host community, Maison Shalom is receiving support from Swiss partner #FriendsofHumanity.Lire la suite

The same date, two unforgettable events

I. Four years since Maison Shalom gave the center for the re-education of minorsIt has been exactly (24/4/2015… Lire la suite

Maggy, Burundian humanitarian and Maison Shalom's founder at Emory University

Maggy, Burundian humanitarian and Maison Shalom's founder at Emory University

Vocational training: Certification of the first laureates

Maison Shalom Rwanda, in its educational program of the refugees, support them in vocational training and other vulnerable young people of the host community.This support responds to two… Lire la suite

Maggy’s 60th Birthday

“If you want to offer me presents for my 60th birthday, one kilo of sugar and rice for a not accompanied refugee children of Mahama camp would more please me.” (Maggy)  Marguerite Barankitse,… Lire la suite

The world day of the refugees

The world Day of the refugees is celebrated every year on June 20th.In Rwanda, where more than 70.000 Burundians took refuge, ceremonies were characterized by games, cultural dances of the… Lire la suite

The world Day of the African Child, 2016

40 years after the shooting of Soweto which made 172 killed children, 13 days after the shooting of Muramvya and the selective detentions which followed in the various provinces of Burundi, we… Lire la suite

Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity 2016 in Rwanda

After Madame Marguerite Barakitse (founder of 'Maison Shalom') received the « Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity 2016 » in Armenia on the 24th of April 2016 (… Lire la suite

Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity 2016 rentre au Rwanda

Après les cérémonies de remise du prix « Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity 2016 » à Madame Marguerite Barankitse, fondatrice de Maison Shalom en Arménie le 24 avril 2016 (… Lire la suite