Holidays for kindergarten

For the 2019 school year, 106 urban refugee children aged 3 to 5 in Kigali, from Muhanga, Huye and Nyamata districts are admitted to nursery schools in their community where they can eat well, play and are educated before their primary education. This allows their parents to have time to work and thus make a living for the whole family.

In Kigali, 48 children are transported every morning by school buses to "Oasis of Peace" community centre. They learn in a safe and adapted environment to their age but also to their context as refugees. In addition to teachers, a psychologist accompanies children and their families in case of need. These children grow up and learn well. They are the pride of their parents, who say that seeing them going for school is a great hope for Burundi and that this also contributes to heal their trauma caused by the current Burundian crisis.

They have completed the school year well and 35 of them are making progress in primary education and are giving place to other  who will be welcomed early next year.