First three weeks after a new begining.

  2014 begins with a lot of enthusiasm and with a new working run-up at Maison Shalom. It is the beginning of the second quarter at the international and paramedical schools, the recruitment of admissions at professional training, school reintegration of children from the street of Bujumbura, granting of the credits to the new cooperatives of the farmers  of Nyabitsinda, Kinyinya and Giharo communes, training of new pre-cooperative groupings of production, sensitization of the farmers and the households on the importance of the production of strengthened flours.   The hospital welcomed the Canadian surgeon Christopher who begins the second series of surgical operations at the hospital Rema this Monday 20th. The new neonathology welcomed premature 14 babies and 42 babies were already born since the beginning of the year.   At the organizational level, a two days workshop of three - year strategic plan 2014 - 2016 took place at « Cité des Anges » last 6th and 7th january, and the validation of the three-year action plan will be ended before the end of the first half of the year 2014.