General assembly of the Union of Producers’ Cooperatives (UCP) Girubuntu.

The 3rd Edition of the Ordinary general assembly 2014 of the Union of producers' cooperatives took place on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014. The venue was the St Michel paramedical school of Maison Shalom in Ruyigi city. 22 presidents of coops expressed their enjoyment to belong to this union because thanks to this organization facilitated and supervised by Maison Shalom, the life of families generally and children in particular considerably evolved since the beginning of coops. The exceeded step is remarkable, as an example, for the cultural seasons A and B, the production of increase of 21 % to compared with the same season of 2013. The big point on which the exchanges lasted is the mutual insurance of health. After the fight against malnutrition and the extreme poverty, the members of the represented coops are convinced that the solidarity to be looked mutually after member families is an major thing for a solid and developed community. Another point was the planning and the fixation of the timetable for 2015 which looks very optimistic and very encouraging because the repayment of the united credits reaches a satisfactory level, what will allow them to begin the next year without deficit.