Iteka Micofinance : Visit of follow-up to Rusengo

Within the follow-up and supervision program of the beneficiaries of the credits from ITEKA Microfinance, the Program Manager and Analyst of credit visited the beneficiaries working to the market of Rusengo, to 20 km far from Ruyigi. The object of this visit was to realize the impact already caused by the granting of the credits. During the exchanges with the beneficiaries of various united groups, everybody converged on the positive appreciations of the impact of these crédits in the improvement of the socioeconomic conditions of their families. They asked that the terms of redemption are raised of five months more because the cycles and amount of credit increase. They also wish that the day of the last repayment of a credit could be the same of acquisition of the following one, they do not want to waste time any more, they say. The team of the Microfinance promised them that their complaints will be treated, studied in the next committee of analysis of credits. Let remind that all the visited united groups are at present at the 5th cycle of credit in one year four months; every cycle account 4 months.