Ordinary General Meeting of the Union of Producers' cooperatives (UCP) GIRUBUNTU

The 4th session of the Ordinary general meeting of the UCP GIRUBUNTU took place on May 13th, 2014 and 22 presidents of Coops from Cankuzo, Rutana and Ruyigi provinces attended at St Michel Paramedical School. Points in agenda were:- Exchange on the Mutual insurance Girubuntu "MUGI";- The increase of seeds for the sector of rice, manioc and corn as well as trade) in their cooperatives- The presentation of the prize) awarded to the UCP by the President of the Republic during the international workday on May 1st, 2014. The President of the UCP GIRUBUNTU who received the prize deeply thanked all member Coops that worked relentlessly to be recognized by the Burundian Nation of the step exceeded in the development of the agro-pastoral sector.The President of the UCP GIRUBUNTU and the Program officer at Maison Shalom insisted on the quality of services provided to the members and to the community by Coops always by keeping the first place in the region in the sector of sustainable development.  All the participants thanked Maison Shalom that supported the beginning of the UCP and it’s functioning up to today. They agreed not to disappoint it by getting involved more in the sustainable development. They exchanged on the implementation of the Mutual insurance Girubuntu (MUGI); the increase of seeds for the rice, kassava and corn sectors as well as trade in their cooperatives. They concluded that the UCP should be the mainspring of the objective of Maison Shalom where every child grows up in a healthy family and community environment favouring his complete blooming.