REMA Hospital: Ophthalmology

A donation of the ophthalmological equipment was granted by the friends of the Church of Jesus Christ of the saint of the last day of America.According to Dr Lévi Kandeke, ophthalmologist, the installed equipment can diagnose more than 90 % of pathologies. In this first stage, the prescriptions of medicine and glasses will be made at the hospital REMA. He added that the second phase of the project will be to have all the necessary instruments to make operations and somebody of the hospital REMA who will be trained in ophthalmologist-surgery. The discount of the donation was granted in the presence of the founder and President of Maison Shalom, the Governor of Province Ruyigi, the Provincial Doctor o of Ruyigi and other dignitaries of the province.Speeches of thanking generally were alternately pronounced. Next Monday and Tuesday of (10 and 11 of November) will be two days of door open to everybody to this new department of Rema Hospital. Rema will be then a centre of ophthalmology, which will cover the eastern region of Burundi.