REMA hospital with UNFPA: campaign to eliminate fistulas

A two weeks campaign of surgery of the obstetric fistulas is in progress at the hospital REMA since May 26th, 2014. The Representative Resident of the UNFPA participated in this campaign together with the representatives of the Ministry of Health.On May 23rd, world day dedicated to the obstetric fistulas, REMA benefited in material and consumables on behalf of the Bottom of United Nations for the Population (UNFPA) for the care of the obstetric fistulas. In the same occasion, Mister MBENGUE also visited the site of SONUB training (Care Néonataux and Obstetric Emergency of Base Care) which was equipped and financed by the UNFPA. The Representative of the UNFPA, Ismaila MBENGUE granted us a short interview after his visit to REMA:- Emery Emerimana (Maison Shalom): hello Sir Representative- Ismaila Mbengue: hello Mr. Emery- EE: the UNFPA granted of the equipment to REMA Hospital for the SONUB training        center and you have just visited it; what are your impressions?- IM: I am personally amazed by the very high technical tray, the integration of the different services. I also appreciated the degree of professionalism and dedication of the staff. There are basic things for hospitals as cleanliness but I appreciated a lot the exceptional level of cleanliness of the hospital REMA. It is remarkable that the people or the organizations, which support REMA hospital, are people of heart who like Burundi and Burundians. The UNFPA reaffirms its commitment to strengthen its collaboration with this hospital, not only for the campaign of fistulas but also within the framework of the family planning and in the fight against the maternal mortality.- EE: thank you Sir- IM: thank you also