Start of the school year 2014-2015: a new approach.

 At the start of the school year school on 2014 2015, the House Shalom changed strategy by resting(supporting) the vulnerable families with school equipment instead of giving them directly to the children. Operating in the logic to strengthen the empowerment of the community and the families nationals of the children and that nobody can replace the parents(relatives) in the education of their children, the House Shalom granted the school equipment intended for the vulnerable children to the committees of protection protection of children rights ( CPE) set up in the province of Ruyigi and Rutana thanks to the support of the unicef. The House Shalom gave then a help to the committees of Protection of the children in a number raised(brought up) to 3657 children, beneficiaries in both provinces of Ruyigi and Rutana where the CPE is integrated(joined) into the community.