Transformation of the program of Microfinace towards a Cooperative of Savings and Credit : "...the Community suits it..."

It's around the leading team of Maison Shalom that some persons from the provinces of Ruyigi, Rutana and Cankuzo met on Friday, January 23rd to exchange on the evolution of the program Iteka microfinance of Maison Shalom. After havin been reminded the origins of this program of empowerment of the community by the President of Maison Shalom, the team in charge of the program  presented the concrete given following ones of the Microfinance. ITEKA microfinance that opened doors in June, 2012 with a 100.000 euro start-up capital, prize which Mrs Maggy had from Chirac  Foundation, arrive at an outstanding discounted bills of 1 billion burundian francs today, is approximately 571.428 euros with more than 8.000 customers. It exceeded on June 31st, 2014 the forecasts of December 31st, 2015 with a very increasing number of customers which cannot be any more served with liquid assets, what urged to cross directly in the transformation of ITEKA MF, Program of Maison Shalom in a Cooperative of Savings and Credit ITEKA "CCEC ITEKA" from this first quarter 2015. This is going to allow to open counters and to perceive the savings of the customers to increase the financial resources to be granted as credits.  It was asked to the persons present who would want to be member founders to join and to pay their contributions for acquisition of the partnership shares before the meeting of the essential General assembly planned on February 13th, 2015.