The women's day to the Burundi World Bank office with Marguerite Barankitse.

Every year, the office of the World Bank organizes one " Women’s day " for all its staff. It identifies a model woman to make a presentation or a testimony on her experiences before answering the various questions on the improvement of the living conditions of the woman and her contribution to the development.  This year, it was Marguerite Barankitse who, after the projection of a movie of 7 minutes about the genesis of the Maison Shalom, testified that the vocation of the woman is to give, to protect and to embellish life. "I’ve seen my dream to become reality thanks to love of the children, who after twenty years became adults who can deliver this message in their families " she said. She also added that the role of the woman is essential in the economic recovery of families, regions and whole world.