The world day of the African child, to Ruyigi

June 16th, day of the African child was celebrated to Ruyigi, organized by the provincial Family and community Development Centre in partnership with Maison Shalom. At the heart of this event, songs and dances of more than 1800 pupils gave rhythm to the various presentations from 7 schools of the administrative center of Ruyigi province. A jury made up of parents granted points and prize to the teams in competition before sharing the lunch with all these children. The testimonies of some parents who are members of producers' cooperatives and who benefited from credits made understand the impact of the sustainable development programs of Maison Shalom (Iteka Microfinance and Union of Producers' cooperatives) in the improvement of the living conditions of the community generally and the child in particular. Maison Shalom's Coordinator asked  parents to subscribe to these programs for the empowerment of families to promote the rights of the children, who are the first ones to suffer from consequences of the poverty of their families.